Van United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 24, 2017

Covenant Discipleship Groups

 "John Wesley began what became known as the Methodist movement. Among the many subsequent results is The United Methodist Church. Wesley never intended to start a church. His movement began with weekly meetings. Wesley and his brother, Charles, were seeking a way to stay faithful to God. The way they devised was for small groups to meet and answer questions about their discipleship.
Covenant Discipleship Groups are formed from this tradition. For a Covenant Discipleship Group all one needs is a willingness to attend once a week and a desire to be faithful to God. Each group sets a weekly meeting time and place. The initial meetings are spent with the group writing its own covenant: Questions about discipleship that members will answer each week. Once the covenant is written the group meets each week to answer the questions. The meeting should take less than an hour each week.
If you have a desire to grow in your faithfulness to God, are able to meet once a week, I invite you to attend one of two information meetings about Covenant Discipleship Groups. Saturday, April 16, 6pm, and Monday, April 18, 7pm.
Blessings, Pastor Mark"
The Times of the Groups are  as follows:
Men's Covenants Discipleship: Mondays at 5:15AM in fellowship hall
Covenant Discipleship:  Mondays at 7:00 PM in church prayer room
Covenant Discipleship: Fridays at 12:00PM at the Anchorage Cafe- Mercy Ships