Van United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 24, 2017

VCI Reports for Van UMC

History:  Our church voted to begin the Vibrant Church Initiative process on October 25, 2015.  We officially took as our Mission Statement:  To make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.                                                                                                                                                                
Job Description:  Invite Grow Serve Prescriptions:  Our prescriptions included formation of several teams with specific assignments.  The prescriptions included a sequential schedule for the teams, to be implemented over time.  Revitalizing our church will be an ongoing process, hopefully one that will bear much fruit for the Lord.                                                                                                                                          
UNITY AND DIRCTION TEAM:  They are working to define a clear and compelling vision statement, and will present it to the Church Council and congregation by early May.  So far, they have met with Mark on February 23, March 2 and 14, April 4 and 11.                                                                                                      Members:  David Rumbelow, Keith Durham, Angie Hullum, Mike Johnston, Beverly Rodgers, Melinda Sherbert                                                                                                  
CONNECTION FOLLOW-UP TEAM:  They are working to identify a target audience for outreach and a plan to greet guests and newcomers to follow up and connect with them.  They have identified as our target audiences:  preschool families, recently retired, new residents, inactive members.  So far, they have met with Mark on January 31, February 14, March 6, April 5 and 12.  Members:  Mike Redman,Kris Henry, Gail Anthony, Mack Sorrells                                                                                  
FAMILY MINISTRIES TEAM:  They are working to develop inspiring relevant ministries with children, youth and young adults.  New Sunday School classes for children and adults have begun, including a class for young adults.  “Bridge Activities” have been taking place to encourage church members and the community to come together at events held at our church:  spaghetti dinner, Valentine’s dinner, Easter egg hunt, car show, and other events planned for the future.  (The Rumbelows and the      Hargraves have been asked to head up these outreach activities.)                                                                                                 So far, the Family Ministries Team has met with Mark on February 24, March and 16, April 6 and 20.  Members:  Tom Rodgers, Donna Rainwater, Tracey Boroughs, Jeff Siemens, Holly Hawkins, Amber Washburn, Stefanie Harris  
COMMUNICATION TEAM:  They have just begun to meet and will continue to meet WEEKLY after church services, starting with the Communications       Workshop on April 17.  They will evaluate our current communication status and develop a plan for communication with internal and external audiences.  This VCI report that you are reading now, and the fact that the prayer chain is now coming on email as well as the traditional phone calls for those who don’t have email are a part of our improving communication. Members:  Kirk Wood, Becca Shank, Ginni Biggs, Linda Ridout
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MINISTRY AUDIT TEAM:  This team will be forming and will begin meeting with Mark in May.  They will be studying each ministry of our church to identify how each ministry does or does not align with the mission of our church so that we can focus on making disciples for Jesus Christ.  
GOAL SETTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY TEAM:  This team will form in September to deal with       establishing goals for staff, volunteer leadership and ministry areas for accountability and               effectiveness.  
VCI will be a process.  It will take a long time to become the church our Lord plans for us to be.     Already there are signs of renewed vitality.  We have a wonderful faithful and loving church to begin with, and we are seeing more visitors, some new members, more outreach activities, new Sunday School classes for various ages, more unity, more excitement, etc.  Please pray for our church to be able to serve God more and more.  
Submitted by Linda Ridout Communications Team