Van United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 07, 2016


Pastor’s Column"

Our church started 2016 reading the Bible in 90 Days. I’ve read through the Bible several times, and I find everytime I do it I’m richly blessed. I’m having a hard time putting it into words, but something seems more right within my soul as I read large amounts of scripture every week. It’s truly a great experience. Now that I’m having that feeling, I remember having it before. I find myself asking why do I ever stop reading through the Bible? That will be something to ask again in April as reading Revelation comes to an end. What a joy to hear the many stories of others as you’ve shared about your reading journey with me. Reading the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, is the goal. If you’re on the 90 day, 180 day, 360 day plan, no worries! Reading through is the goal. From personal experience, I know God blesses abundantly the reading of God’s word. Lastly I would add, it’s never too late to begin. Blessings, Pastor Mark 
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