Van United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 24, 2014


Upcoming Events
August 6, 2012
Van UMW will meet at 6:30pm on Monday, August 6th for their annual salad supper.  The program will feature the Daniel's Courage of Captivity Vacation Bible School.  Over 100 children attended the June 25-28 event, and a celebration thanking all who helped will be featured.
August 27, 2012
The September meeting will be held on Monday, August 27th.  President Pat Valentine will share a program on the Mercy Ship Mission to Africa this past 2011-2012 year.  The meeting is scheduled at 7:00pm.
Hands on Project - Birthing Kits
These are essential in rural communities.  They provide the basic, sanitary items to aid in safe and healthy deliveries, reducing the risk of Tetanus infections.  Each kit includes soap, latex gloves, plastic sheeting to receive the baby, a clean razor blade, and two receiving  blankets in a zip loc bag. 
                     Layettes for Fatherheart Mother's Home